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Szen Fine Dining: Simplicity, Flexibility and Control.


  • Easy Order Entry
  • Register/Session Control
  • Fast Split Ticket Function
  • Food & Bar Modifiers
  • Audit Control System
  • Reports
  • Easy Menu Design
  • Food Costing

sZen Food & Beverage handles all your food and beverage needs, including fine dining restaurants, snack bars, private clubs and daily-fee to resorts.

Managing a restaurant is never easy. Szen Fine Dining has redefined the term "ease of use" often mentioned in this industry. Easily control and manage your menus, menu items, modifiers, and bar. Follow effective audit trails to identify warning signs early and maintain control.

Built for the touch screen, the system features special adaptable functions for a variety of uses, such as quick entry for orders on the turn, sit down seating, call in orders, splitting and joining tickets, and easy member tracking. Automated integration with Szen Eighteen for events, banquets, and detailed invoicing make a powerful combination.